Cleaning Etc - Contract Cleaning Company, Chemical & Hygiene Supplier, Domestice & Commercial Window Cleaners
Covering the Yorkshire Area,
since 1997 Cleaning Etc has been trusted to supply quality products and excellent service, at competitive prices.
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.
Please call to book an appointment for
our team members to visityou and discuss our products or current promotions and options
Bar & Cellar Cleaning
Glass Machine Detergent : 5Lt
Non caustic formulation prevents glass corrosion, effective against
all soils, including lipstick, sparkling clean glassware every time,
and does not affect beer head retention.
Machine Glass Renovator : 5Lt
Quickly and easily removes films from glasses including both
tannins and proteins, restores glasses to their original condition
in one step
Beerline Cleaner : 5Lt
Beerline cleaner destroys yeast and bacteria that can
accumulate in beer lines during normal useage.
Manual Glass Wash : 5Lt
Effectively removes stains from glasses in a manual glass
washer, effective against all soils, including lipstick. Sparkling
glassware every time, will not affect head retention.
Drain Cleaners
Drain Blast : 5Lt & 20Lt
Aims to remove waste that causes blockages and odours
in your drain system, clears waste and other soils from
the drain leaving them free to flow.
Enzyme Drain & Grease Liquid : 5Lt & 20Lt
Ready to use highly concentrated bio formulation designed
specifically for difficult grease applications, such as grease traps,
drains, wet wells & Sewage injection pits.
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