Cleaning Etc - Contract Cleaning Company, Chemical & Hygiene Supplier, Domestice & Commercial Window Cleaners
Covering the Yorkshire Area
since 1997 Cleaning Etc has been trusted to supply quality products and excellent service, at competitive prices.
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call to book an appointment for our team members to visit you and discuss our products or current promotions and options.
Food Safe Sanitisers
Salad Wash : 5Lt
A concentrated rinse additive for hygiene cleaning
of salad, tomatoes, and other vegetables,  does not
taint food tastes, and is designed to be used at low
Ice Cream Scoop Sanitiser : 1Lt
A safe and easy way to sanitise ice cream scoops,
suitable for fresh water dipper wells, and static
containers, supplied in a dosing bottle.
Kitchen Area Sanitisers
Chlorine Tablets :
Concentrated tablets for disinfection of all surfaces
including food contact areas.  Effective against a wide
spectrum of micro organisms.
Liquid Sanitiser : 1Lt & 5Lt
A universal hard surface cleaner and sanitiser combined. 
Cleans oils and grease, food waste, proteins, and dirt
from hard surfaces.  Non-toxic and odourless in use and
an effective sanitiser over a broad antimicrobial spectrum.
Pine Disinfectant : 1Lt & 5Lt
Pleasent refreshing pine odour, suitable for use on all water
resistant hard surfaces, including cork surfaces, sinks, floors,
lavatories, urinals & drains.
Blue Sanitising Powder :
Cleans, disinfects and sanitises a variety of items such as catering equipment, hard surfaces, walls and floors.  The formulation of
this product is ideal where bactericidal cleaning action is required.
Bleach : 1Lt & 5Lt
In controled environments bleach can be used to sterilise
cooking utensils, food processing machinery and working
surfaces.  Bleach will whiten kitchen walls, tea towels and
other items.
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