Cleaning Etc - Contract Cleaning Company, Chemical & Hygiene Supplier, Domestice & Commercial Window Cleaners
Covering the Yorkshire Area,
since 1997 Cleaning Etc has been trusted to supply quality products and excellent service, at competitive prices.
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.
Please call to book an appointment for
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Oven Cleaners & Metal Cleaners
Oven Gel Foaming Oven Cleaner : 5Lt
Suitable for use on ovens, hot plates, grills, griddles
and other cooking equipment. Safe to use on stainless
steel, mild steel, cast iron and ceramic. PTFE &
most plastic surfaces.  Not to be used on aluminium. 
High alkaline formula will remove even heavily carbonised soil.
Oven Spray : 1Lt & 5Lt
Powerfull cleaning action to make ovens sparkle clean,
can be used on cold ovens so no need to heat up first.
Works by emulsifying baked on grease or fats
allowing them to be simply wiped away.
Decarbonising Power :
Highly alkaline formulation will remove even heavily
carbonised soil, burnt on fats and grease, along with
other protein based soils from baking trays and other
cooking equipment.
Hot Grill Cleaner : 1Lt
Removes fats, oils and grease along with built up
carbonated soils left from food.  Leaving the grill
clean and ready for use.
None Corrosive Oven Cleaner : 1Lt
Suitable for use on ovens, hot plates, grills, griddles,
and other cooking equipment.  SAFE to use on stainless
steel, and PTFE.  Removes baked on blood, food and
other soils
Metal Cleaners
Silver Dip : 5Lt
Contains a blend of acid reducing agents and
surfactants for fast effective de-tarnishing
of silver plated materials.
Peek :
Cleans metals and fiberglass, can be used on brass, copper,
aluminium, & ceramics. cleans and polishs in one application,
leaves a high shine.
Powder Stainless Steel Cleaner :
Cleans stainless steel appliances, without streaking,
polishs & restores dry and dull stainless steel worktops,
 utensils or equipment
Stainless Steel Polish : 1Lt
A forumlated polish for use on stainless steel surfaces, such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and lifts,  Resists finger
prints and water marks, maintains a polished appearance.
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